Time has Arrivd Go DIGITAL!
Arrivd is a smart digital solution for Visitor & Employee Tracking Management. It aspires to render Quality Services for the rising need for auxiliary workplace security.

Go Paperless Save Trees

Let this initiative be an effort towards inclusive development

Visitor Management

Smarter and Simpler

  • Visitor Tracking

    Capture complete info with ease & eliminate risks.

  • Quick Check-In

    Just a few details will suffice.

  • Pre-Register Visitors

    Quick scan & you are good to go.

  • Capture Photos

    Your photo is all needed along with core info to issue badge.

  • Customized Branding

    1 minute setup creates your brand built version.

  • Real Time Notifications

    Your host is few seconds away from receiving you.

  • Dual Check-In Options

    Mobile OTP or QR code scan. 5 seconds max it takes.

  • Cloud Based

    Retrieve information from anywhere anytime.


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Hassle Free Check-In

Allow to check-in visitors with right level of info captured.

Quick Access

Quick scan is all need to be done for registered visitors.

Real Time Notifications

Cut down waiting time for visitors. Host is on the way.

One Time Verification

Pre-register frequent visitors and make good brand impression.

Systematic Work plan

Schedule visitors per your convenience & we make it easier to let you know arrival.

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Pre-Register Visitors

Makes good impression about your living place.

Visitor Tracking

Know who visits, when and how often?

Guest Alerts

Yours guests are here. Time to welcome them.

Visual Records

Can I see if an unknown person tries to check-in? Sure

Peaceful Living

Feel secure for your family as all visitors tracked.

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Quick Check-In

First time visitors: few seconds & you are done.

Guest Notification

External Representation or Vendors coming in? Be right there on arrival.

Pre Registered Visitors

Pre-register and make good brand impression.

Parent Visits

Make it safe and quick for Parents to pick their child.

Retrieve Data

Check visitors history anytime anywhere.

More - Smart Productivity Tracker.

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  • Satisfy Compliance

    Mark your attendance in < 5 seconds.

  • Ensure Productivity

    Check-in/out ensure inputs captured against your productivity.

  • Visitor Notification

    Expecting someone? Get real time notifications.

  • Analytics

    Know stats on your visits as well as visitors.

  • Time Compliance

    Know when your team members coming and leaving.

  • Productivity tracker

    Get stats on how much actual time being spend by individuals inside the office?

  • Early departure

    Know if anyone leaves early.

  • Policy Change

    Analytics provide data points on root causes for non-delivery & contribute to tweak HR policies.

  • Streamlined Office

    Need systematic schedules for business meetings? Arrivd help on pre-registering visitors.

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Our Business Analytics Platform


    Visitors stats available to reflect number of visitors against particular date or period.


    Know the peak time when majority of visits happened to have it all ready. Data is allotted in various time slot to help managing visitors.


    Know which department getting more visitors as the same helps in overall management.


    Track daily attendance by various parameters like late comers, time slots, on leave etc.

  • PRODUCTIVITY (By Period)

    Know productivity of your team by in-hours tracked against each check-in/out of individual members. Comparison of expected vs actual data helps you to know the root cause.


    Daily compliance data is generated by pre-configuration of office timings in the system along with the times defined for on-time, little late and late etc.


Download from App Store and Google Play Store

Download app to get rid of all the paperworks and get digitalized.

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Arrivd - Subscription Plan

Category Features Free Basic Start-Up Business Infinite
Visitor Management Instant Setup (Cloud based)
Use your own hardware (Android Tablet / iPad)
Organization Branding
Unlimited Terminals
Visitor Info captured with Picture
Visitor Check-in by QR Code
Visitor Check-in by OTP
Generate / Print Visitor Badge
Display Visitors Check-in/out List
Pre-Register Visitors by Admin / Employees
List of pre-registered visitors expected
Host to Receive Push notification / Email on Visitor arrival
Check-out Visitors from App / Web
Analytics on Visitor data
Advanced Analytics with Export Visitor Check-in/out Data in excel
Display Employee Directory
Add / Update Unlimited Locations
Add / Update Primary & Secondary Admins against Location
Unlimited Employees (Host) against Location
Customize Purpose for Visitors
Assign custom name to Terminals for tracking
Employee Productivity Enabler Employee Check-in/out using mobile app
Generate / Print Employee Badges with QR Code
Bulk import employees by excel
Assign employees to location
Productivity Tracker (Expected vs Actual)
Daily Time Compliance
Know Employees Presence Stats
Analytics on multiple level (Date Range, Name etc)
Mobile App Smart Reception
Visitors / Employees
Support Email
Email Query / month 1 1 2 4 6
Response in 24 hrs
Free (Visitor Management) Visitors / Month - 200 500 1000 2000
Employees per Location - Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Fee (Monthly) per Location with Unlimited Terminals - ₹ 999 ₹ 2499 ₹ 3199 ₹ 4999
Fee (Annual 10% savings) per Location with Unlimited Terminals - ₹ 10,789 ₹ 26,989 ₹ 38,388 ₹ 53,989
Fee (Employee Productivity Enabler) Fee / Month for each Employee - ₹ 50 ₹ 50 ₹ 45 ₹ 35
Fee (Student Tracking) Fee / Month for each Student - ₹ 35 ₹ 35 ₹ 30 ₹ 25

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